Beas\Administration\System Initialization
Mass Data: Performance and memory
beas 9.3-002-080-000 / beas 9.3-003-002-000 / beas 9.3H-003-002-000 / beas 9.3H-002-080-000
Beas\Administration\System Initialization
If Beas calculated MRP, APS or other complex calculations, the used memory increased.

One of the problem was memory leaks related to visual objects. These are areas which the system didn't delete after using.

The problem with visual objects is solved.
In combination with other changes we can reduce the needed memory 

Together with better Memory Handling this allows for calculating mass data.
Beas\Administration\System Initialization
APS Calculation: SQL Error 8632
beas 9.3-002-081-000 / beas 9.3H-002-081-000 / beas 9.3H-003-002-000 / beas 9.3-003-002-000
Beas\Administration\System Initialization
Function: APS 
Calculate with Material checking (Mass data, > 500 open positions)

Past: You see nothing. The program was working in the back-end, but in the front end nothing was displayed.

New: You can see the process bar for every calculation step.

- many SQL statements are optimized. In certain situations the calculation can be faster.

APS, Material Check, Reservations of non-selected Work Order Positions considered
beas 9.3-003-003-000 / beas 9.3H-002-081-000 / beas 9.3H-003-003-000 / beas 9.3-002-081-000
Beas\Production > Zendesk id: 87286
Function: APS - Material check
Past: Reservation was considered in the wrong way.
New: Now it's working correctly. Material Reservations are supported.

In APS Calculation type you can activate the Material check.

With reservation it was working wrong


We have one work order with the same Assembly 3 times.
In the first assembly I need the Material "RM" 3 pcs, in all other 1 pcs
stock: 1 pcs

If we calculate the scenario with material check, then we reserve 1 Pcs for the first position. Not available=2

and for all other no stock reservation. Order quantity is the same as total requirement.


If i make a reservation on first work order position for this 1 Pcs.

then the result is exactly the same as after calculation, because the first position becomes the material (reservation has always highest priority)
New: we see the Reserved Quantity in the shortage report.

if i make a calculation only for Pos 20 and 30, then normal Position 10 can't reserve the material.

Past: The system ignored the hard reservation.
New: The system does not ignore the reservation for not calculated work order. Reservation is always Priority 1 (new Column "Total reserved")
In this case the Material "RM" is reserved for not calculated "Pos 10", "Pos 20" can't use this Material.

If we delete the reservation and calculate again, the Position 20 can use the Material. 1 Pcs is enough and you don't see this in the shortage report.

Window: fert_xgantt_start_material, fert_aps_browse

The window "APS -> Shortage Work Order" became new columns


Total requirement = open quantity with reservation from Bill of Material position
Not available =  this is the open quantity, for which no stock, no reservations, purchase order or linked work order exists
On stock: Complete stock on all warehouse without locked warehouse and without external warehouse
Inventory external: complete stock on external warehouse
Reserved: Reserved for this Bill of Material position
Total reserved: All other Reservation, which not linked to this Bill of Material position
Issue material - Beas hard stop
beas 9.3-002-080-000 / beas 9.3-003-002-000 / beas 9.3H-002-080-000 / beas 9.3H-003-002-000
Beas\Production > Zendesk id: 91393
Function: Material Issue error with Batch managed Item

PAST: Issue was not easy to reproduce. To trigger Beas error you had to do the following next steps:

1. Create a WO that contains a "batch managed" item.
2. Open the WO and do a right-click over the batch managed raw material.
3. Select Option "material issue".
4. Now in the list of available batch you have to select the "second last line", this is the key.
5. In the column quantity, type full quantity of available batch and then click "TAB".
6. After this step, the previous BEAS version crashed. Now it must work correctly.

NEW: Now Beas does not crash and finish the process in the correct way.
The problem is fixed.

Workaround TIP: You can manually modify file "reservation_set_master.src" and modify following code:

if <dw_3.item.freequantity:[dwo-row].value> n= 0 then

if <dw_3.item.freequantity:[dwo-row].value> n= 0 then

Expected result: No error message should appear.
APS Material check information is not working properly with external operations
beas 9.3-002-081-000 / beas 9.3H-003-003-000 / beas 9.3H-002-081-000 / beas 9.3-003-003-000
Beas\Production\APS > Zendesk id: 86750
Function: APS - Calculation with material check

Past: Available stock on external warehouses not supported.
New: Not reserved stock on external warehouses is supported if the material is linked to an external routing position.

Work order with Material "RM", 3 Pcs

2 on external warehouse
1 on internal warehouse


Stock = 3, but with external warehouse
But the Bill of material position can only take 1 pcs from internal warehouse, Not Available: 2

Now the Material position is linked to an external operation.

The system ignored the Stock in an external warehouse.
The system considers external warehouse for material linked to external operation.
Stock is enough and you can't see the BoM Entry in the Shortage Report for this work order position.


Next case:
There is a second work order with the same Bill of Materials and Routing.
Material is reserved in the external warehouse. 

In this constellation the first position can take only the free quantity from 1 pcs from internal warehouse (Ordered Quantity=2)

In second Position we see only the non-reserved Quantity
Total Quantity = 3, 2 reserved = 1 Pcs. But this position don't can use this 1 pcs from internal warehouse, because the first work order position took this item

in second position "Not available" is 1, because 2 are reserved

Window: fert_aps_browse, fert_xgantt_start_material
Beas\Production\External production
External provisions incorrect quantity with different factors
beas 9.3H-003-002-000 / beas 9.3-002-080-000 / beas 9.3H-002-080-000 / beas 9.3-003-002-000
Beas\Production\External production > Zendesk id: 86948
Function: External provision - Wrong quantity

PAST: In the process to create purchase order from external production and you have defined a conversion factor in the external operation, the system applies the same factor for every line.

NEW: Beas creates each line of the purchase order with the right factor. The factor is saved in the field "U_anz_pack" ("U_beas_anz_pack in HANA version). With the new version if you create a purchase order with several lines and several factors, you can check now that each line contains the right value.
The problem is fixed.

Workaround TIP: As workaround for this problem you can manually modify "fert_external_toorder_browse.src" file to modify following script:

//JMC 11.09.2019 We are reading value from wrong dw, right one is dw_1. 

Expected result: Purchase order must be created with the right information.
Beas\Production\Factory data capture\Work Order Backflushing
Backflushing, Time Receipt without Material Issue
beas 9.3H-003-002-000 / beas 9.3-003-002-000 / beas 9.3-002-080-000 / beas 9.3H-002-080-000
Beas\Production\Factory data capture\Work Order Backflushing > Zendesk id: 84126
Function: Improvements for concurrency during document creation process.

PAST: When several users try to create documents in SAP at the same time, sometimes error -2038 is fired by SAP. Additionally, we found that also error -5002 is fired by SAP when a Journal entry is created or modified. 

This is an SAP problem related with database deadlocks. When this problem happens in the system, SAP returns the error code -2038. This is a known SAP error and you can find a lot of information about this. You can search “Error 2038 SAP Business one DI API”. SAP has several notes about this problem:
  • 1414834 - DI_Error -2038 when update orders with multiple users
  • 1231885 - DI_Error when two programs try to access the same object
  • 1113543 - DI_Database deadlocks when maintaining JE concurrently
  • 1489753 - Deadlock while adding Marketing Documents simultaneously

We found that sometimes when SAP is creating or modifying a journal entry randomly error fired by SAP is not the -2038 error and instead this one following non sense error is fired:


“Error during journal entry add process. Error: (-5002) You cannot edit totals in system currency  [JDT1.SYSCred][line: 1]

ret=(-5002) You cannot edit totals in system currency  [JDT1.SYSCred][line: 1]


This -5002 error has no sense because description of the error is that “you cannot edit totals in system currency”, we know error description is wrong because data is right (And if you debug the process and try to create the document again then it works without any problem).

NEW: To Avoid this situation we modify our current workaround to add the condition to validate all errors when a journal entry document is created or modified. 

Expected result: Now when several users are creating a document transaction at the same time Beas will be able to solve this situation
Consider Lot size in sub assemblies
beas 9.3H-002-082-000 / beas 9.3-002-082-000 / beas 9.3-003-003-000 / beas 9.3H-003-003-000
Setting Consider Lot size

It is possible to consider lot size in sub assemblies


- Process bar displays current status of creation of work order
- Better memory handling
- Better error handling
- Better performance

This is related to every function which displays structure information, for example

- work order creation and refresh
- delete BoM, Assembly or complete structure
- Reservation, Issue

SO2PO, Beas GUI loses connection to SAP GUI, AddOn crashes but beas.exe continues in the background
beas 9.3-002-080-000 / beas 9.3H-002-080-000
Beas\Production\Workorder > Zendesk id: 85869
Beas inside SAP

Create a work order with 1000 units and lotsize 1

- Beas lost connection to SAP after some time, resulting in SAP asking you to restart the AddOn
- In the background, a beas.exe process is still running and is creating Work Orders.

- Beas displays a process bar and does not lose connection to SAP.
Copy WO - Beas crash
beas 9.3-002-080-000 / beas 9.3H-003-002-000 / beas 9.3H-002-080-000 / beas 9.3-003-002-000
Beas\Production\Workorder > Zendesk id: 47685
Function: Work order copy

- The system crashed if you made a copy with a large work order or many work order positions
- Name of function was "Copy"

- The system does not crash. It's possible to copy more than 100 Positions.
- A process bar displays the current status.
- New name is "Duplicate".

Duplicate quantities in material issue window from SAP bin locations warehouse
beas 9.3-003-001-000 / beas 9.3H-002-077-002 / beas 9.3-002-077-002 / beas 9.3H-003-001-000
Beas\Production\Workorder > Zendesk id: 84843
Function: Problem with duplicated quantities in the Material issue window.


The system was displaying the totals (the sum of all bin locations quantities) for that determined warehouse. 

Now: This is fixed; it displays only the available quantity for each bin location.

QC, Transfer to Bin Managed Warehouse creates an 'Open Document', Bin Location selection is not applied
beas 9.3H-003-002-000 / beas 9.3H-002-081-000 / beas 9.3-003-002-000
Beas\Quality Control > Zendesk id: 91938
Function: QC Transfer to Beas Warehouse creates an "Open Document"

PAST: If you executed the process of QC transfer to a BEAS warehouse, the system created the SAP transfer document but BEAS information was not generated in BEAS_WHSBIN.
A a new entry in "Open Documents" was generated and the user had to assign the bin location manually.

NEW: Document is generated in the correct way and no new entries are generated in "Open Documents"
Bug fixed.

Workaround TIP: You have to assign the bin location manually in the "Open documents" window.

Expected result: No error message should appear.
Beas\Warehouse Management
Bin Booking, BEAS_WHSBINITEM.RFID is generated despite mwbin_rfid = N
beas 9.3-002-080-000 / beas 9.3-003-002-000 / beas 9.3H-002-080-000 / beas 9.3H-003-002-000
Beas\Warehouse Management > Zendesk id: 91806
Function: RFID field not working correctly.


Work order Position with bin managed warehouse and defined Bin Location.

Time receipt with backflushing in last operation.

The system saved the SerialNumber in RFID Field
This produced problem in different areas.

Example error message: 
(binerrsto552)Quantity is not enough at warehouse 10, Bin location 1-003 ! Quantity: 0.000000

Beas manages field RFID correctly and now this field is visible in the material issue window (When a Beas warehouse is selected).


For customers not working with the RFID field (mwbin_rfid = N), you can remove all previous values you have into "RFID" field of "BEAS_WHSBINITEM" table.
To do this you have to execute following query:

update "BEAS_WHSBINITEM" set "RFID"=''

Beas\Warehouse Management\Inventory Transactions\batch calculation
Precalculation, Variant definition of Routings not considered
beas 9.3-003-002-000 / beas 9.3-002-081-000 / beas 9.3H-002-081-000
Beas\Warehouse Management\Inventory Transactions\batch calculation > Zendesk id: 88345
In the following situation the Short variant in Pre-calculation and Batch calculation was not considered.

1) Create Item Structure like with BoMs/Routings assigned to different Variants.

In this example mrp-multiprder4 is Variant B
But Routing with Variant A+B is not active. This is wrong.

Same calculation in Beas 9.3 PL 3:
The system checks "breakdown variant" in routing positions too.