Beas\Administration\Data Import and Export
DIH (HANA): Single quotes in SQL-statements are replaced by double quotes when making a query on an SAP table
beas 9.3H-002-008-000 / beas 9.3H-001-027-000
Beas\Administration\Data Import and Export
Past: problem is on Data integration HUB -

when having a query inside the "Conversion" field.


when you save this query it saves adding double quotation marks:
sql=select T0.""U_beas_me_verbr"" into ls_meverbr from ""OITM"" T0 where T0.""ItemCode""=''A100''

 Now: the query is converted properly.
Buttons in context menu (right mouse click) not visible in PL01
beas 9.3H-002-008-000 / beas 9.3-001-027-000 / beas 9.3H-001-027-000 / beas 9.3-002-008-000
Beas\beas Customizing > Zendesk id: 73683
beas script


The script created a button and a right-click menu, but the right-click menu was not working.

Right-click menu is working correctly.
If property "menutext" is defined, you can see the text in the right-click menu, as well.

Additionally only in beas 9.3 PL 2
it executes the function dw_master_item_button_[objectname]_click()

- the same event for creating right-click menu AND button. It is possible to overwrite Standard function.

Issue/Reservation/Allocation: More Qty than on Stock can be assigned to Items
beas 9.3-001-027-000 / beas 9.3H-002-008-000 / beas 9.3H-001-027-000 / beas 9.3-002-008-000
Beas\Production > Zendesk id: 73764
Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a new WO with a BoM that contains two Items with the same ItemCode.
Alternatively: Create two similar WOs for the same Assembly.
Inventory History for MAT15, shows 10 on Stock:

2) Go to Reservation/Issue or Allocation window and click all PreAssign (or selected PreAssign)

Wrong Result: Items will get assigned Qty without it being available.
Expected Result: Items will be assigned until stock-reserved reaches 0.
Beas\Production\External production
Error in pofactor2 and orderokwounit in fert_external_toorder_browse window
beas 9.3-001-028-000 / beas 9.3-002-009-000 / beas 9.3H-002-009-000 / beas 9.3H-001-028-000
Beas\Production\External production > Zendesk id: 73222
Function: External production - collective purchase order - wrong purchase factor

PAST: In the external production-collective purchase order window when the user created a second purchase order and proceeded with automatic selection of quantity, the system set a wrong purchase factor.

NEW: beas displays a correct error message: "Definition is broken - create a new entry."
The problem is fixed. / Bug fixed. / Function is working properly.

Workaround TIP: Try adding a new field and...

Expected result: No error message should appear.
Divide by zero error at WO "Manual Issue"
beas 9.3H-001-028-000 / beas 9.3-002-009-000 / beas 9.3H-002-009-000 / beas 9.3-001-028-000
Function: "All preassign" function in Material issue window


PAST: beas displayed the following SQL error message:

(**)Error while Read or Update DataStore: Select Error: SQLSTATE = 22012
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Divide by zero error encountered.
SQL-Syntax:select /* setreservation */ 'wo' as "DocType","BEAS_FTSTL"."BELNR_ID"+0 as "DocEntry","BEAS_FTSTL"."BELPOS_ID"+0 as "LineNum","BEAS_FTSTL"."POS_ID"+0 as linenum2,"BEAS_FTSTL"."ART1_ID"+'' as "ItemCode","OITM"."ItemName"+'' as "DESCRIPTION",isnull("BEAS_FTSTL"."WhsCode",'') as "WhsCode","BEAS_FTPOS"."SHORTVARIANT"+'' as "SHORTVARIANT","BEAS_FTPOS"."VRI"+0 as "VRI", isnull("BEAS_FTSTL"."APLANPOS_ID",0) as "APLANPOS_ID", isnull("BEAS_ME"."ANZDEZ",2) as "ANZDEZ", isnull("BEAS_FTPOS"."BPLId",0) as bplid,0.000000 as "PlannedQty", case when isnull("BEAS_FTSTL"."WhsCode",'') <> '' then "BEAS_FTSTL"."WhsCode" else "OITM"."DfltWH" end as "DfltWH", isnull((select sum("Quantity") from "IGE1" where "U_belnrid"="BEAS_FTSTL"."BELNR_ID" and "U_belposid"="BEAS_FTSTL"."BELPOS_ID" and "U_posid"="BEAS_FTSTL"."POS_ID"),0) - isnull((select sum("Quantity") from "IGN1" where "U_belnrid"="BEAS_FTSTL"."BELNR_ID" and "U_belposid"="BEAS_FTSTL"."BELPOS_ID" and "U_posid"="BEAS_FTSTL"."POS_ID"),0) as booked, ("BEAS_FTPOS"."MENGE_VERBRAUCH" + isnull("BEAS_FTPOS"."MENGE_VERSCHNITT",0) ) as assembly_qty,-1.000000 /* * (case when isnull("BEAS_FTPOS"."ME_UMR",0)=0 then 1 else "BEAS_FTPOS"."ME_UMR" end) */ / ("BEAS_FTPOS"."MENGE_VERBRAUCH" + isnull("BEAS_FTPOS"."MENGE_VERSCHNITT",0) ) as "Factor",CAST ((((case when isnull("BEAS_FTSTL"."MENGE_JE",-1)=0 then 1 else ("BEAS_FTPOS"."MENGE_VERBRAUCH" + isnull("BEAS_FTPOS"."MENGE_VERSCHNITT",0)) / (case when isnull("BEAS_FTSTL"."MENGE_JE",0)=0 then 1 else "BEAS_FTSTL"."MENGE_JE" end) end * "BEAS_FTSTL"."MENGE_VERBRAUCH") + isnull("BEAS_FTSTL"."MENGE_VERSCHNITT_VE",0) + case when isnull("BEAS_FTSTL"."DontBookScrap",0) = 0 then isnull("BEAS_FTSTL"."AUSSCHUSS",0) else 0 end) ) / (case when isnull("BEAS_FTSTL"."ME_UMR",0)=0 then 1 else "BEAS_FTSTL"."ME_UMR" end ) as decimal(19,6)) as Quantity,0.000000 as quantity_org, isnull("BEAS_AGTYP"."EXTERNAL_ID",0) as "EXTERNAL_ID", "OITM"."InvntryUom"+'' as "Unit", isnull((select sum("Quantity") from "BEAS_RESERVATION_LINE" where "RESERVATIONTYPE"='S' and "BASE_TYPE"='wo' and "BASE_DOCENTRY"="BEAS_FTSTL"."BELNR_ID" and "BASE_LINENUM"="BEAS_FTSTL"."BELPOS_ID" and "BASE_LINENUM2"="BEAS_FTSTL"."POS_ID"),0) as "RESERVATION", isnull((select sum("Quantity") from "BEAS_PLANDOCUMENT_LINE" where "DocEntry"=280 and "BASE_DOCENTRY"="BEAS_FTSTL"."BELNR_ID" and "BASE_LINENUM"="BEAS_FTSTL"."BELPOS_ID" and "BASE_LINENUM2"="BEAS_FTSTL"."POS_ID"),0) as picked, "BEAS_FTSTL"."ROUND_TYPE"+0 as "ROUND_TYPE","BEAS_FTSTL"."ROUND_DEC"+0 as "ROUND_DEC", "BEAS_FTPOS"."BELNR_ID"+0 as "DocEntry",isnull("BEAS_FTHAUPT"."AUFTRAG",'') as "DocNum","BEAS_FTHAUPT"."KND_ID"+'' as "CardCode","BEAS_FTHAUPT"."KNDNAME"+'' as "CardName", isnull((select sum("Quantity") from "BEAS_RESERVATION_LINE" l where l."BASE_TYPE"='wo' and l."BASE_DOCENTRY"="BEAS_FTPOS"."BELNR_ID" and l."BASE_LINENUM"="BEAS_FTPOS"."BELPOS_ID" and l."BASE_LINENUM2"="BEAS_FTSTL"."POS_ID"),0) as "reserved", '' as "PickRmrk",'N' as "PartSupply",case when isnull("BEAS_FTPOS"."STARTBOOKING",0)=0 then 'N' else 'Y' end as "Confirmed","BEAS_FTPOS"."Project"+'' as "PrjCode", "BEAS_FTSTL"."RestChargeOff"+0 as restchargeoff,isnull("BEAS_FTSTL"."OnlyReservation",0) as onlyreservation, "BEAS_FTSTL"."U_znr"+'' as "ZNR","OITM"."ManSerNum"+'' as "ManSerNum","OITM"."ManBtchNum"+'' as "ManBtchNum", Coalesce("BEAS_FTSTL"."DontBookScrap",0)+0 as DontBookScrap, Coalesce("BEAS_FTSTL"."U_beas_ver","OITM"."U_beas_ver",'') as version from "BEAS_FTSTL" inner join "BEAS_FTPOS" on "BEAS_FTSTL"."BELNR_ID"="BEAS_FTPOS"."BELNR_ID" and "BEAS_FTSTL"."BELPOS_ID"="BEAS_FTPOS"."BELPOS_ID" inner join "BEAS_FTHAUPT" on "BEAS_FTHAUPT"."BELNR_ID"="BEAS_FTPOS"."BELNR_ID" inner join "OITM" on "OITM"."ItemCode"="BEAS_FTSTL"."ART1_ID" and "OITM"."InvntItem"='Y' left outer join "BEAS_FTAPL" on "BEAS_FTAPL"."BELNR_ID"="BEAS_FTSTL"."BELNR_ID" and "BEAS_FTAPL"."BELPOS_ID"="BEAS_FTSTL"."BELPOS_ID" and "BEAS_FTAPL"."POS_ID"="BEAS_FTSTL"."APLANPOS_ID" left outer join "BEAS_AGTYP" on "BEAS_AGTYP"."AGTYP"="BEAS_FTAPL".agtyp left outer join "OITM" o2 on o2."ItemCode"="BEAS_FTPOS"."ItemCode" left outer join "BEAS_ME" on "BEAS_ME"."ME_ID"="OITM"."InvntryUom" where "BEAS_FTPOS"."ABGKZ"<>'J' and "BEAS_FTHAUPT"."ABGKZ"<>'J' and "BEAS_FTSTL"."ABGKZ"<>'J' and "OITM"."InvntItem"='Y' and case when (OITM.validfor='N' or (OITM.validfor='Y' and convert(char(10),isnull(OITM.validfrom,getdate()),121)<=convert(char(10),getdate(),121) and convert(char(10),isnull(OITM.validto,getdate()),121)>=convert(char(10),getdate(),121))) and (OITM.frozenfor='N' or (OITM.frozenfor='Y' and not (convert(char(10),isnull(OITM.frozenfrom,getdate()),121)<=convert(char(10),getdate(),121) and convert(char(10),isnull(OITM.frozento,getdate()),121)>=convert(char(10),getdate(),121)))) then 'N' else 'Y' end <> 'Y' and ( "OITM"."IssueMthd"='B' or ("OITM"."ManBtchNum"='Y' and 'J'='J') or ("OITM"."ManSerNum"='Y' and 'J'='J')) and CAST("BEAS_FTSTL"."BELNR_ID" AS varchar(20))+'/'+CAST("BEAS_FTSTL"."BELPOS_ID" AS varchar(20))+'/'+CAST("BEAS_FTSTL"."POS_ID" AS varchar(20)) in ('20180231/10/10','20180231/10/20','20180231/10/30','20180231/10/40','20180231/10/50','20180231/10/60','20180231/10/70','20180231/10/80','20180231/10/90','20180231/10/100','20180231/10/110','20180231/10/120','20180231/10/130','20180231/10/140','20180231/10/150')

NEW: No error. Bug fixed. 

Expected result: No error message should appear.
Quick input next line not filled because of quantity 0
beas 9.3-001-029-000 / beas 9.3H-002-009-000 / beas 9.3-002-009-000 / beas 9.3H-001-029-000
Beas\Production\Workorder > Zendesk id: 73762
Function: Quick input not working fine

PAST: When working with the Quick input screen, the system was not working properly for the second line. Everything was correct in the first row, but when editing the second line, the system did not fill the fields automatically after providing the bar-code number.

NEW: Beas fills the empty fields automatically after user provides the bar-code information.
Bug fixed. 

Expected result: Fields must be filled automatically in the right way.
HANA error material posting and booking of assembly
beas 9.3H-001-027-000 / beas 9.3-001-027-000 / beas 9.3-002-001-000 / beas 9.3H-002-001-000
Beas\Production\Workorder > Zendesk id: 67811
When in a BOM an Item is used more than once, and the item has a bin location, we got an error when booking the material. As a result, creating a time receipt was not possible.

Now the material booking also works in this constellation.

Negative BOM Receipt Document is not linked to the Time Receipt
beas 9.3-002-011-000 / beas 9.3-001-030-000 / beas 9.3H-001-030-000 / beas 9.3H-002-011-000
Beas\Production\Workorder > Zendesk id: 74410
Function: Time receipt with Negative BOM

PAST: beas did not link negative BOM to created time receipts.

NEW: beas generates the right link to created receipt.
Bug fixed.

(jourerr1001) Error during journal entry add process. Error: (-5002) Invalid number of rows
beas 9.3H-001-025-000 / beas 9.3H-001-020-000 / beas 9.3-001-030-000 / beas 9.3-001-020-000 / beas 9.3-001-025-000 / beas 9.3-002-001-000 / beas 9.3H-002-001-000
Beas\Production\Workorder > Zendesk id: 66668

Environment: This problem is reproducable only with SAP 9.3 PL6 version (or higher). Additionally parameter "Accounting with balance Sheet Accounts and Profit & Loss Accounts" must be active.

Each time a Goods issue or goods receipt linked with a work order is generated, the system shows the following error message:
(jourerr1001) Error during journal entry adding process. Error: (-5002) Invalid number of rows 
Current Window: issue (program\reservation_set_master.psr) Function 
ret=(-5002) Invalid number of rows 
saperrorid=(-5002) Invalid number of rows 

The reason for this error is that from 9.3 PL6 version SAP does not allow to modify existing journal entries (in previous version this functionality was available)
SAP explains this modification in this note:

Internally, we generated an article to clarify this situation:

As a workaround in the beas application we have developed the following functionality:

When a goods issue or goods receipt is created in the system linked to a work order, SAP generates a journal entry with information related to stock transaction (Without profit & loss accounts information). To solve this we need to do the following:

1. Create a new journal entry as cancellation of a created SAP journal entry.
2. Create a new journal entry with the original information and also add profit & loss accounts.
3. Link this new journal entry in beas and remove old links to previous journal entry.

work order: Error check results list empty
beas 9.3-001-027-000 / beas 9.3H-001-027-000 / beas 9.3-002-008-000 / beas 9.3H-002-008-000
Beas\Production\Workorder > Zendesk id: 48923
past: Occasionally the error of a work order was not included in the Protocol error window.

make a work order Failure, so that you could see this symbol:

make a right-click and select Error - Protocol 

now: The error must be properly displayed on the Protocol window


Precalculation wrong validation with I-version, separate Bill of materials and different code of Bill of materials
beas 9.3-002-010-000 / beas 9.3H-002-010-000 / beas 9.3-001-028-000 / beas 9.3H-001-029-000
Beas\Sales\Precalculation > Zendesk id: 74916
Function: New precalculation problem with item version

PAST: When a new precalculation was created for a version-managed item and the item was adminitrated by "Separate bill of materials" and the name of the Bill of materials was defferent from the itemcode, the system performed the precalculation in a wrong way.

NEW: Bug fixed. 

Workaround TIP: You can set parameter "Type of calculation purchased items" to "Make or buy calculation". With this value parameter is not reproducible

Expected result: No error message should appear.
Beas\Warehouse Management
Batch Tracing: Error when selecting a Batch Number - HANA
beas 9.3H-001-027-000
Beas\Warehouse Management > Zendesk id: 67568
past: HANA error on Batch Tracing window, Error when selecting a batchnumber.


now: the error is not there anymore, error was related to a bad HANA syntax.

Print crystal via WebApp not possible
beas 9.3-002-009-000 / beas 9.3H-002-009-000 / beas 9.3-001-028-000 / beas 9.3H-001-028-000
Beas\WEB\Apps > Zendesk id: 72377
Function: Beas web printing problem

PAST: Transfer App could not perform printing. The system threw the following error:

1<h1>Crystal reports error</h1><h2>Exception:</h2><table><tr><td>Error creating report document: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8002000B): Invalid index. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8002000B (DISP_E_BADINDEX))\r\n   at CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.FieldsClass.get_Item(Int32 Index)\r\n   at CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ParameterFieldDefinitions.get_Item(Int32 index)\r\n   at CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ParameterFieldDefinitions.get_Item(String fieldName)\r\n   at Boyum.Crystal.Control.CrystalReportController.SetParameters(ReportDocument reportDocument, Dictionary`2 parameters, Boolean throwExceptionOnMissingParamter) in C:\\TFS\\Boyum\\Main\\Source\\Code\\Boyum.Crystal13\\Control\\CrystalReportController.cs:line 266\r\n   at Boyum.Crystal.Control.CrystalReportController.GetReportDocumentEx(String crystalReportPath, String server, String database, String databaseUsername, String databasePassword, Boolean useIntegratedSecurity, Dictionary`2 parameters, DatabaseSource databaseSource, Boolean setTableLogonInfo, Boolean throwExceptionOnMissingParameter) in C:\\TFS\\Boyum\\Main\\Source\\Code\\Boyum.Crystal13\\Control\\CrystalReportController.cs:line 131\r\n   at CrystalViewer.View.HiddenForm.OnReceiveMessage(String executeMessage) in C:\\TFS\\Beas\\Main\\Source\\Code\\CrystalViewer\\View\\HiddenForm.cs:line 127</td></tr></table><h2>Parameter values:</h2><table><tr><td><tr><td>sprache</td><td>E</td></tr><tr><td>id</td><td>DBNull</td></tr><tr><td>cardcode</td><td>DBNull</td></tr><tr><td>docdb</td><td>OWTR</td></tr><tr><td>docsale</td><td>O</td></tr><tr><td>artikelsprache</td><td>E</td></tr><tr><td>file</td><td>program\\report\\empty_report.rpt</td></tr><tr><td>database</td><td>TRAINING_2</td></tr><tr><td>docentry</td><td>286</td></tr><tr><td>docnum</td><td>141</td></tr></td></tr></table><h2>JSon Call:</h2><table><tr><td>{"Action":"Print","CallerHandle":1442532,"CrystalReportPath":"program\\report\\empty_report.rpt","Language":"E","ConnectionSettings":{"Server":"saphanap1:30015","Database":"TRAINING_2","DatabaseUsername":"SYSTEM","DatabasePassword":"*****","UseIntegratedSecurity":false,"DatabaseSource":"Hana"},"PrinterSettings":{"PrinterName":"PDFCreator","PapersizeHeight":0,"Papersource":null,"Leftmargin":0,"Topmargin":0,"Bottommargin":0,"Rightmargin":0,"Landscape":"false","Duplex":"Default"},"SaveSettings":{"SaveAsPath":"","Format":"NoFormat"},"EnableParameterPrompting":"false","Parameters":{"sprache":"E","id":"DBNull","cardcode":"DBNull","docdb":"OWTR","docsale":"O","artikelsprache":"E","file":"program\\report\\empty_report.rpt","database":"TRAINING_2","docentry":"286","docnum":"141"}}BOY_RUN</td></tr></table>

NEW: Bug fixed.

Expected result: No error message should appear.