MRP order recommendation filter Only shortage
beas 9.3-000-016-000 / beas 9.2-005-043-000 / beas 9.3H-000-016-000 / beas 9.2H-005-043-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 55152

Previous: Sometimes MRP order recomendation window hide some items with a negative saldo when "Only shortage" filter is active.

Documentation for flag "only Shortage" means:
"All item entries, which now or in future have a negative balance"

Now program work in the right way and if you have an item with negative saldo at any moment (now or in the future) system will display this item when flag "Only shortage" is active.

Window: mrp_view_artikel.psr
Window: mrp_view_search.psr

Beas Configurator crashes if configured item code is longer than 20 characters
beas 9.2-005-031 / beas 9.2H-005-031 / beas 9.3-000-012-000 / beas 9.3H-000-012-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 54354

Previous: There was a problem with items with more than 20 characters into itemcode field in the configuration window.

Problem is reproducible when you try to modify any information of configuration window then you receive following error:
row changed between retrieve and update. No changes made to database

Now: bug fixed, problem was into configuratior window, system had an old reference to 20 chars length of itemcode. Ito database information is right problem was located only into window

window: artikel_productconfigurator.psr

New Activity Log
beas 9.2-005-030-000 / beas 9.2H-005-030-000 / beas 9.3-000-008-000 / beas 9.3H-000-008-000
beas manufacturing provide an activity log service
At this service you can read all informations about every change inside beas from last year

you can open this from the menu

or widnow based from beas icon

in both cases beas open the internet page with the beas activity log

Now we've a new portal. It's faster and you've more filter functions: By Year, Version, Window Name and Fulltext search

Configurator Default Values
beas 9.2-005-042-000 / beas 9.2H-005-042-000 / beas 9.3-000-016-000 / beas 9.3H-000-016-000
Configurator - Parameter

Redesigned functionality from Default Value 

a) fix value
Text or numeric value (as required)
Example: test or 123
b) Variables, which are defined before opening in the Configurator window (e. g. with Beas Script in "Windowevent open"). These variables must be defined with "e_".
Example: [e_cardcode]
c) Previously defined parameters. These defaults are also changed dynamically
Example: [so_mysetobject]

Fixed value

A fixed value is set if
a) a new configuration is loaded
b) if a previously invalid default value becomes valid

When does an invalid default value become valid again?

This is explained in the following example:

Radio box with 3 elements: red, yellow, green. 
The default value is yellow. But the visibility rule specifies that yellow is invisible and therefore invalid. In this case, "yellow" is not defined as the default value. There is no default.
Every time the configuration is changed, the system checks whether yellow is valid. If yes, this is set if the parameter has not yet been set otherwise.

The default is a parameter

If the default value is a parameter, it is always reset if something is changed before the parameter. 

defcolor (set object): case when[WheelSize] <30 then 'red' else 'blue' end
Color (Default=[defcolor])

If WheelSize is changed, the content of Color is also reset because WheelSize is BEFORE Color. If values are changed after Color, Color is not set again.

Manual changes have priority:

If Color is changed manually, the manual change takes precedence, i.e. even if WheelSize is changed, the default value of Color is not reset. 
Exception: the manually selected value loses its validity


Color is a radio box
// Red only available, if WheelSize < 30
// Blue only available, if WheelSize>24
Red = case when [WheelSize] <30 then 1 else 0 end
Blue= case when [WheelSize] >24 then 1 else 0 end

If you now manually select Blue and then set WheelSize to 22, Blue becomes invalid, so that manual entry loses its priority and the default value is set, in this case red and the entry is marked as "not changed manually".
If the default value is also invalid, the entry is marked as "not set".
Configurator - synchron windows
beas 9.2-005-030-000 / beas 9.2H-005-030-000 / beas 9.3-000-010-000 / beas 9.3H-000-010-000

In the configurator the edit window and the view window are always synchron

If you change anything in left side, you can see the result directly on right side
if you make a double click on a entry on right side, beas set the cursor on the correct place in the left side

On right side:
you can change on replace icon from "default" to "content". If you do this, you see the content of the parameter
if you change anything on right side, you see all current contents on right side

Automatic Start of beas AddOn in SAP: DBMS is not supported in current installation
beas 9.2-005-044 / beas 9.2H-005-044 / beas 9.3-000-016-000 / beas 9.3H-000-016-000
Beas\Usability > Zendesk id: 54559
Past: Sometimes the AddOn Beas did not start properly. The system displayed various errors like:
* AddOn cannot be started please restart
* error 'DBMS is not supported in your current installation' and beas fails to start

Now: AddOn starting process has been modified to improve connection with SAP. Now system creates a GUI connection in a proper way and error is not reproduceable anymore.

This new AddOn connection was made available with AddOn version 4.1,which is delivered with beas 9.2 PL5 (5.44).

It is not enough to install this new AddOn along with the beas installation process. You also have to unregister the old beas AddOn and register the new 5.0 version of beas.

IMPORTANT: When we register the new beas manufacturing AddOn, the old one will not be deleted automatically; it has to be removed from the list.

WEB APP "Issue for production" - Automatic batch or serial number selection when there is a unique binlocation
beas 9.3H-000-011-000 / beas 9.3-000-011-000 / beas 9.2H-005-034-000 / beas 9.2-005-034-000
Beas\WEB\Apps > Zendesk id: 50018
Web App "Issue for production": 

If you select an item batch or serial managed and the warehouse is a bin location warehouse we skip the step to select the bin location and go directly to ask the batch/serial.
As the batch/serial is directly linked with the bin locations we selected the bin location automatically based on that selection..

Workflow (batch/serial)
  - Before (4 Steps):  (1) barcode -> (2) quantity -> (3) bin location -> (4) batch/serial (based on last bin location) -> (F) confirm
  - After (3 Steps): (1) barcode -> (2) quantity -> (3) batch/serial (bin location autoselect based on this) -> (F) confirm

Reservation List, Selecting/Deleting multiple entries does not work
beas 9.3-000-016-000 / beas 9.3H-000-016-000 / beas 9.2H-005-042-000 / beas 9.2-005-042-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 57429
Delete function was not working when several lines were selected.

Before: if you selected several lines in the reservation window and click "delete" only the one of them was delete.
After: All selected lines are deleted and additonally a new entre per line is created in the activity log

You can access to the activity log with a right click > Activity log.
The activity log windows contain information about the type of reservation deleted, docentry, linenum and the itemcode and reserved quantity.


dropdown - case sensitive
beas 9.2-005-040-000 / beas 9.3H-000-015-000 / beas 9.2H-005-040-000 / beas 9.3-000-015-000

Configurator - problem in dropdown - default value with lower/uppercase

Only in HANA Version and in last version from beas 9.2 PL 5

Default-value = 781-a
in the Cross Reference 
select "ItemCode","ItemName" from "OITM"

ItemCode "781-A" existing, but not "781-a"

In this case beas don't display the description on the left and right side from the configurator

Inventory stock taking not saving version info
beas 9.3-000-014-000 / beas 9.2H-005-037-000 / beas 9.3H-000-014-000 / beas 9.2-005-037-000

When you work with inventory stock taking, there was a problem with field "Version" into "Enter counting" window.

Information saved into field version were lost when we come back to inventory list window

Now this bug is fixed.
Window: mw_inventory_counting_browse.psr
Hana Error creating the Purchase request from MRP.
beas 9.2H-005-045 / beas 9.3H-000-016 / beas 9.2-005-045 / beas 9.3-000-016
Beas > Zendesk id: 57424

Previous: When you create a purchase request from MRP order recomendation sometimes you have follwoing SQL error:

Error executing Procedure: SQLSTATE = S1000 [SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB32 DLL][HDBODBC32] General error;287 cannot insert NULL or update to NULL: INTNR: Call insert into "BEAS_MRP_ORDER"("Version","ItemCode",...

Now: Bug fixed

Window: mrp_view_masterrahmen.psr
Human Resources, Personnel, Review the creation of Master Data (and the auto linking process from SAP HR Master Data)
beas 9.2H-005-048-000 / beas 9.3-000-016 / beas 9.2H-005-043-000 / beas 9.2-005-043-000
beas has the possibility to import human resources with the data integration hub. In this import it is possible
to reference to an entry that exists in the SAP table for employes (empid). If there is no reference, beas trys to find
a reference automatically, or generates an new entry if  there is no entry on SAP side.
If the import file contained records with same name and/or reference it could happen, that more than one entry on beas side
was linked to the same record in SAP.
Editing or copying data in personell administration could also lead into wrong links to the SAP table.

All this  problems are solved now and it is not possible anymore that more than one record on beas is linked to the corresponding SAP table.

External Production, Total Price calculation will consider the Exchanges Rates when not exceeding the Minimum Price
beas 9.3-000-022-000 / beas 9.2-005-041-000 / beas 9.3H-000-022-000 / beas 9.2H-005-043-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 57056
External production-collective purchase order:
If you are using a currency different to the local currency and the minimum price is greater than the calculated price then the total price was wrong.

We were using as total price "Minimun price"/"Rate Exchange" and as result the sap document got the wrong price.

After this patch, the total price is the minimun price:

  Exchange rate: 0.5 (USD)
  Quantity = 1
  Price Per unit = 10
  Price factor = 1
  Minimun price = 100
  Total Price = 100 (USD)
  Total SAP (lc) = 50 (EUR)

  Quantity = 11
  Price Per unit = 10
  Price factor = 1
  Minimun price = 110
  Total Price = 110 (USD)
  Total SAP (lc) = 55 (EUR)


beas Installation / Update
beas 9.2-005-030 not updating
everytime beas starts, it checks if there is an update.
In the past if there was an update available the program informed about the update,
closed the application and started the update in the background without any further notifications.

Now the process is changed:
If a new Version is available the user will be asked if he wants to do the update.

If the user selects No, beas will be closed without doing an update.

If he agrees the update process will be started.
First the installationfile is copied to a local folder
If there is a problem with the installation file he will  get an notification, and the update process is canceled.

When beas is closed to perform the update a SAP-message  will apear

This is normal. Just wait some time to finish the update.

I the user trys to start beas (addon or standalone), while the update is in progress,
he will be informed that an update is already started and beas closes again.

Product Configurator Corrections
beas 9.2-005-035-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000 / beas 9.3-000-013-000 / beas 9.3H-000-013-000

Corrections in product configurator 

Dropdown and Radiobox - working with default values

a) beas did not display the description of default value on left and right side. 

New: Fixed

b) beas did not set the correct check box or did not insert the name of current used value in dropdown field. 

New: Fixed.

c) Default description
Before: only if you defined a default description, beas displayed this in the configurator

New: This is not necessary. Field is deleted. beas check the sql query to get the correct description.
c) PERFORMANCE: the system created lot of sql statements in background for search the description. 
New: now beas read the table only one time and work with "in memory technology". 
Result: If you have many dropdowns or radio boxes with sub queries,  the system will be faster than before.

Default values with fix value or parameter
Before: if you changed a value, beas inserted in all follow lines the defined default values

beas replace the default value only,
- if the parameter is empty
- if the default value a parameter (start with "[")

Color, allowed red, blue, green, default = blue
start configurator: Color = blue
After changing a parameter before "Color" the definition "blue" is not allowed.
Now beas set toe Color to ""
If you change a parameter before "Color" and blue is allowed again then beas set the default color "blue", because the entry is empty.

Problem with default values for the last line
Last line of definition is a parameter with default value
Before: if you changed it, beas overwrote your changes with the default value again. It was not possible to change it.
New: Fixed.

Price calculation
Past: the system created lot  of sql statements in background. 
New: it is working with "in memory technology". This makes the calculation faster.

Multiple SQL errors when opening precalculation - HANA
beas 9.2H-005-036-001
past: when creating a calculation from a sales order, there were several SQL errors.

now: SQL errors fixed. related to bad HANA syntax.

windowname: pk_haupt_edit.psr

Product configurator > new configuration > not possible to create a new item based on the current configuration
beas 9.2-005-039-000 / beas 9.2H-005-039-000 / beas 9.3-000-015-000 / beas 9.3H-000-015-000
Product Configurator > new configuration

Although the button to create a new item base on the configuration is visible, the functionality to create the new item did not work after the last changes.

(artneu3244) Item XXXX already exists!

Now: it is fixed.


Issue manually for production, G/L accounts not determined correctly
beas 9.2-005-035-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000 / beas 9.3-000-012-000 / beas 9.3H-000-012-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 54943

Based on setting in SAP:

Work order - issue manually


Past: beas used for material the Wip Offset P&L Account from Assembly (1)
New: beas use for material the wip Offset P&L Account from Material (2)

Product Configurator: HANA Capital leters into parameterstring
beas 9.3-000-011-000 / beas 9.2-005-035-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000 / beas 9.3H-000-016-000


if you have Parameter with Capital (Example "Color" and not "color"), and you save and reload the Configuration, the system don't find the parameter inside the loaded Configuration.

If you define "Color" and a "color" Parameter in MSSQL, you can have an error message "Primary key error"

In HANA/MSSQL: beas is checking, if the configuration is existing. If you use upper case in parameter, beas don't find existing entries... 

Create Configuration in new database
beas 9.3-000-014-000 / beas 9.2-005-036-000 / beas 9.2H-005-036-000 / beas 9.2H-005-045-000 / beas 9.3-000-017-000 / beas 9.3H-000-017-000

New database

Create new configuration, example from sales order
Save this
The generated configuration number was always 1

Now beas increment the configuration number always correct

Item - Variant in field quantity not working
beas 9.2-005-030-000 / beas 9.2H-005-030-000

Bill of Material - Field Quantity

(1) Old: beas don't saved the formular in field "Quantity". New: Fixed
(2) Old: if you activate "Change" (2), Type of Variable was empty (3). New: Now default Value is number
(3) Old: Type of Variable was always german. Now it's translated 

 artikel_stlpos_edit, artikel_caft_zuordnung
SQL error (HANA) Goods Receipt via Terminal
beas 9.2H-005-037-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 56973

before: error when opening goods receipt via terminal, and when  selecting an open document to process

now: error fixed- probably related to a Bad HANA query

window: mw_wareneingang_edit
MRP error in area alternative items
beas 9.2-005-035-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000 / beas 9.3H-000-012-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 55279

If you use the alternative item from SAP instead of beas then you could got a hard error "divide by zero".

Workaround: use the beas item alternative instead of sap item alternative

Data Check, (sqlerr8152) Value too big in column setuptyp1
beas 9.3-000-017-000 / beas 9.3H-000-017-000 / beas 9.2-005-045-000 / beas 9.2H-005-045-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 56847

This issue is related with the web application setup fields.

If the length of a setup query (for dropdown based setup) is greater than 100 characters then the program fail to import.

After this patch the new length is 255 characters.



Batch calculation: Reset button not working correct
beas 9.2-005-035-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000 / beas 9.3-000-014-000 / beas 9.3H-000-014-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 55065

past: there is an error when clicking on the reset status button. Problem related to Query on HANA syntax
(<empty>)Error executing Procedure: SQLSTATE = 37000
[SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB32 DLL][HDBODBC32] Syntax error or access violation;257 sql syntax error: incorrect syntax near "prior": line 1 col 81 (at pos 81): Call delete from beas_protokoll where base_doctype='pre...

now: Error is fixed, Queries changed to HANA Syntax

How to Reproduce:
  • open batchcalculation window
  • right lick
  • select Reset Status option
  • functionality ends with no error

 window name: pk_batchkalk_browse.psr
Change BOM batch - additional text - SQL error
beas 9.2H-005-037-000 / beas 9.3H-000-017-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 57042

past: there was an error when performing batch changes on BoM. specifically when you fill out the "User text" field 

current: Error fixed: error related to Bad Hana query conversion

windowname: artikel_stlpos_batch

Quantity is not calculated when doing a booking in BIN warehouses
beas 9.3H-000-013-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000

past: when making a booking, some of the values are not being updated after clicking on the booking button.

now: all the booking process is correct and you can check all, the expected values.


Slowness problem when generate a goods receipt for an existing work order om MSQL 2014 And 2016
beas 9.2-005-030-000 / beas 9.2H-005-030-000 / beas 9.3-000-008-000 / beas 9.3H-000-008-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 52752
PreRequisites: This problem is only reproducible with MSSQL 2014 and MSSQL 2016.

Problem: If you try to generate a goods receipt for an existing work order position system creates the SAP document and also generate the journal information. Problem we have is in the query to retrieve account information, with new versions of SQL server some queries has a bad performance. We don't have an error, problem is that process to generate the goods receipt document in some customers take more than 1 minute.

Solution: We modified beas internally to generate queries to retrieve account information in an improved way.
Inventory - Annual invnentory counter name is wrong
beas 9.3-000-012-000 / beas 9.3H-000-012-000 / beas 9.2-005-033-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 54628

before: Problem was that on the inventory list window, on of the names was not right. specifically the Recorder name.

window: mw_inventory_items_difference_browse 

the last name of the Recorder was the last name of the Counter. and this is wron. The Recorder has it's own last name and it is not being displayed

now: it displays the actual names, problem related to a bad query

to reproduce:

1. Warehouse Management>Inventory Transactions>Annual Inventory Count

2. click New


3. Fill out the fields:

  • Description
  • Item from to
  • Warehouse
  • Pricing for correction accounting
  • Account for stock increase
  • Account for stock decrease


4. Add


5. Select the new inventory list and click "enter counting"

6. In the screen "Enter counting: selection" fill out the fields (set up different names):

  • Name on counter
  • Recorder

7. Click "Enter Counting" 


8. In the column "Counted inventory" fill in the same number as in the column "Inventory reference date" for a few lines  

9. Click "back"


10. on the "Enter counting: selection" screen click cancel

11. on the Annual inventory count click: "Inventory list"

Both names should be the same that we setted up earlier, if not, there is an error


Time Recording, Flex Time Tolerance/Rounding Rules not taken into account at times passing midnight
beas 9.3H-000-010-000 / beas 9.2-005-031-000 / beas 9.2H-005-031-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 52729
Past: When working with a shift that passes midnight there was a problem if the time exeeded the endtime of the shift.
If there were rounding in or after the shift, the system had cut the time at the end of the shift.
In the example below the calculated to-time was cut to 2:00
Now: The times will be calculated correct.

Bin Management: It does not allow to locate in two or more bin locations at the same time
beas 9.2-005-031 / beas 9.2H-005-031 / beas 9.3-000-010 / beas 9.3H-000-010
Beas > Zendesk id: 53534

Previous: Sometimes system did not allow to assign a material twice for different locations

Now: Bug fixed, system allows to generate for than 1 booking for different locations

window: bin_struktur.psr
Graphical view mrp2 malfunctional in HANA version with decimal values
beas 9.2H-005-031
Beas > Zendesk id: 55998

On some HANA Systems there was a problem with some querys that contain decimal values.
Since Version beas 9.2H-005-030 we deliver a changed ini-File that will eliminate this problem.

For example in the resource-view of MRP the values for production etc. where not shown


Product Configurator: Selection Item must not have an "Input" tab
beas 9.3-000-013-000 / beas 9.3H-000-013-000 / beas 9.2-000-035-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000
Configurator - definition set objects

The "input" tab and "Type" was available. But this tab don't make sense for "selection" objects

Tab "input" and field "type" is unvisible
Window: artikel_produktkonfigurator_detail.psr

Product Configurator, Set-Object does not read value from Parameter correctly
beas 9.2-005-030-000 / beas 9.3-000-009-000 / beas 9.3H-000-009-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 52347

If you use Set-Objects in Groups, it could be that these parametes (so_) will not "refreshed" after selecting the corresponding parameter (bell_color).

 This is now fixed.

Product Configurator, error 'Variant is already in use' when using an already existing Variant
beas 9.2-005-030-000 / beas 9.3-000-008-000 / beas 9.2H-005-030-000 / beas 9.3H-000-008-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 52347

if you work in the configuration with mode "recognize double entries / automatically":

and you get after running thru the configurator the message, that your configuration already exist under a previous variant number, and this number will be shown upper left in the window......

the Button "update" must be switch to "OK"..... but this will not work...
This is fixed now.

Alternative materials in production order and MRP
beas 9.2-005-030-000 / beas 9.3-000-008-000 / beas 9.3H-000-008-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 53655

Previous: Mrp - The alternative tab did not show alternative items for phantom assemblies group.

Now: Bug fixed

Cross reference does not show for alternative material if more than one alternative material is assigned
beas 9.2H-005-036-000 / beas 9.3H-000-014-000 / beas 9.2H-005-038-000
Item structure window - item reference window

previous status: the reference window was not showing all results for an each item 

current: this windows show all references a d links, specially the ones involved with alternative materials

window: artikel_verwendungsnachweis

calculation schema problem with part receipts
beas 9.2-005-037-000 / beas 9.2H-005-037-000 / beas 9.3-000-014-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 53261
Calculation Surcharge per unit

In calculation schema you can define a price per piece


In post calculation beas calculated this entry wrong, if you made time receipt. It calculated only the sum for receipt quantity and not for complete quantity

Current receipts: 3 Pcs
New part receipt: 1 Pcs

beas calculated the costs only for 1 Pcs and not 4 Pcs

New: Fixed

Backflushing process with Surchage per Unit and Lotsize

beas calculate in different way
Valuation by plan cost: [cost for current receipt quantity]
All other: [total costs] - [total costs before]

This different calculation methodes produced problems, if you've an account in a schema with Surcharge per unit,
because if beas create the journal entries, it calculate always
[cost's from last calculation] - [all costs before]
if you work with "Valuation by plan", the result for second part receipt is wrong.

This is fixed now.
HANA, Alternative Materials, Wrong behavior when switching to another Material in the WO BoM
beas 9.2-005-035-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000 / beas 9.3-000-014-000 / beas 9.3H-000-014-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 56669

past: error trying to change alternative materials inside a work order, the error is that it changes alternative materiales in other work orderes besides than the original one

current: this error is fixed, on the update function, there was a lack of parameters related to the workorder and positions

how to reproduce:

1) Create two Assemblies (A1 and A2) with a BoM of Mat1 and Mat2


2) In A1, define Mat3 as Alternative Material for Mat1



3) In A2, define Mat4 as Alternative Material for Mat1 (same process as above)

4) Create two WOs, one for A1 and one for A2

5) Open WO for A1, go to Mat1, click the 'Alternative Material' button and switch to Mat3

Expected Result:
It should only change the Material in the Work Order/Work Order Position you currently have selected. not the A2 work order

Post calculation: wrong price in per lot size, if quantity is zero
beas 9.2-005-041-000 / beas 9.2H-005-041-000 / beas 9.3-000-016-000 / beas 9.3H-000-016-000

New work order

Calculation schema with 
Add Price by unit
Add % from Labor costs
Add Price by Lotsize 

and other additional costs

beas calculate the price per plan quantity, if you've no receipts.

beas calculate this costs with 0 quantity on actual cost side, if you've no receipts

 window: fert_naka_struktur.psr
Cost Center is not trasfered into Journal booking
beas 9.2-005-041-000 / beas 9.2H-005-041-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 55788

The cost center of the material which was issued can be found in the goods issue document but unfortunately not in the journal booking. 

After this patch the distribution rule is filled into the journal entry.

Error insert / test parameter/query in configurator description
beas 9.2-005-041-000 / beas 9.2H-005-041-000 / beas 9.3-000-016-000 / beas 9.3H-000-016-000
Configuration definition - Header

Parameter insert not working in last beas version. Fixed
Button Check not working
Fixed and new: now you can see the result and the executed script 

Fixed in Text Brief Description and Text Description

window: artikel_produktkonfigurator_global.psr
Pre-calculation: Problem with lot size and fix quantity
beas 9.2-005-037-000 / beas 9.2H-005-037-000 / beas 9.3-000-014-000 / beas 9.3H-000-014-000
Beas > Zendesk id: 56582

Pre Calculation

Main Assembly
  Sub Assembly 1Pcs
     Labor Position Setup time 10 Minutes

beas calculated for the labor position 10 Minutes 

But if you inserted in the Sub Assembly a fix quantity from 1 Pcs, beas calculated in the Labor position 11 Minutes. This is wrong

beas use as lot size the needed quantity from the sub assembly, in this case 11 Pcs. Result = 10 Minutes setup time in the labor position.

SQL error when trying to delete an item from BOM - HANA
beas 9.2H-005-036-000
past: there is an SQL error when making a delete inside the bom of an assembly item

now: error solved. the error was related to a bad HANA syntax in the delte query

windowname: artikel_stlpos_browse
Beas\Administration\System Initialization
HANA Error Database Check
beas 9.2H-005-035-000 / beas 9.3H-000-014-000 / beas 9.2H-005-036-000
Beas\Administration\System Initialization > Zendesk id: 56765
Only in HANA Version we'd an error in the Database cehck

past: error when making datacheck
new: error does not happen anymore

how to reproduce:
  • Menu extras
  • Systemm
  • database test
  • click on start button

 window: system_dbtest
Beas\Financials\Business Performance
Business Performance / Absorption Cost: Import of Production activities will not work for Multi Branches
beas 9.2H-005-030-000
Beas\Financials\Business Performance

if you import Production activities and need this data for the Absorption Costing Results.... you'll get no calculated AC data.
This was fixed.
MRP Filter Drawing number create SQL Error
beas 9.2-005-031-000 / beas 9.2H-005-031-000
Beas\MRP > Zendesk id: 55657

MRP - Order recommentation - Filter by Drawing number created an SQL Error


**^Error while Display Report: Select Error: SQLSTATE = S0022
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'U_beas_znr'.
SQL-Syntax:SELECT TOP 200 oitm.itemcode, oitm.itemname, oitm.prcrmntmtd, case when oitm.prcrmntmtd='M' then 'Y' else 'N' end kzfertigen, case when oitm.prcrmntmtd='M' ...


If you current use beas 9.2 PL 5 you can replace the mrp_view_search.psr  file from beas 9.2-005-031-000

Project System: Don't check the personal costs
beas 9.2-005-031-000 / beas 9.2H-005-031-000
Beas\Production > Zendesk id: 53979

past: when performing the calculation of the project budget, the costs related of the work of the personel is not included.

now: the costs related to the personel activities are included

how to reproduce:
Open the resource Master Data related to the project and change the cost parameters on the Cost tab


Open a personel master data and check  the field "Use own cost rate" and select a cost rate per minute


Open the projects window and create a new project containing a task that has this resource related to it


Then on the work order window create a time receipt for this resource on this new order created related to the project


On the budget of the Project we can check that the labro cost is included, the same as the journal entries from the work order:

 window name: prj_edit_budget.psr
Reports Production > Material Requirements, Error while generating the datastore
beas 9.2-005-035-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000 / beas 9.3-000-013-000
Beas\Production > Zendesk id: 55034

Open the Production > Reports Production > Evaluation: Material Requirements and set the grouping to "Item".

If the warehouse code is not defined (is null) for one item included into the result of the report then:

before: Systemerror 60 Invalid row range at line 493 in function of_loaddocumententry of object ue_reservation.
after: the result are displayed without error


Work orders list: Actual Receipt display wrong
beas 9.2.005-032-000 / beas 9.3.000-011-000 / beas 9.3H.000-011-000
Work order  - Receipt/Issue window - 
only beas standalone 

Double click in work order window on a time receipt entry.
You can see the beas Receipt Window (only beas stand alone solution)

Past: In some case beas displayed a wrong price 

window: mw_buchen_eingang_zeilen.psr

New: Now beas display the correct price.
Usability, Production Capacity Planning is run twice when changing a Routing Position (Button 'Update'/'OK')
beas 9.3-000-008-000 / beas 9.3H-000-008-000 / beas 9.2-005-030-000 / beas 9.2H-005-030-000
Beas\Production > Zendesk id: 52755

When changing capacity relevant data in a routing position, the recalculation of capacity was started as soon as you
pressed "Update". When you then closed the window with the OK-button, the calculation was done again.
Even if this had no negative effect on the capacity it was consuming unneccessary time for calculation.
This is fixed now, and the calculation is done only once.

 Window: fert_arbplanpos_edit.psr

APS – Wrong calculation if you calculate only one workorder, beas don't check the reservation limits.
beas 9.2-005-030-000 / beas 9.2H-005-030-000

APS - Calculate workorders

if you calculate only one workorder, beas don't check the reservation limits. It's only working, if you calculate all workorders


Window: fert_xgantt_view_browse.psr

Workaround: Execute follow SQL statement on the SQL Server

drop function [dbo].[to_varchar]

CREATE function [dbo].[to_varchar](@adt_datetime datetime,@as_format varchar(20))
RETURNS varchar(20)
with execute as caller
   declare @ls_return varchar(20)
    if @as_format='yyyymmdd'
        select @ls_return=convert (varchar(20),@adt_datetime ,112);
        if @as_format='yyyy-mm-dd'
        select @ls_return=substring(convert (varchar(20),@adt_datetime ,120),1,10);
        if @as_format='yyyy-mm-dd hh:mi:ss'
        select @ls_return=convert (varchar(20),@adt_datetime ,120);

  return (@ls_return)


Beas\Warehouse Management
Issueing from Bin Warehouse, Cannot select Bin Location for Itemcodes with more than 21 chars
beas 9.3-000-011-000 / beas 9.3H-000-011-000 / beas 9.2-005-031-000 / beas 9.2H-005-031-000
Beas\Warehouse Management > Zendesk id: 53729

before: we couldn't finish the process when generating a receipt/issue SAP document, this happens when inserting the item into a bin-warehouse.

now: the process can now be complete. problem was related to the number of characters was not the right one for that window. The correct number for the itemcode field must be 51 instead of 21

Generate a Goods receipt with an item with more than 21 characters

select a bin-location warehouse:

 when it opens the new allocation window, after we set up a bin location we can actually see how the "F2 Booking" button appears. It did not appear before. 

Window: bin_struktur_batchbookingstruktur.psr

Now after pressing this button the process ends successfully
Error when doing a goods receipt to BIN warehouse
beas 9.3H-000-013-000 / beas 9.2H-005-035-000
Beas\Warehouse Management
past: error when creating a good receipt into a bin location warehouse with an item with itemcode larger than 21 characters

now: error solved. now we can select a bin warehouse for an item larger than 21 characters

How to reproduce:
Generate a Goods receipt with an item with more than 21 characters

select a bin-location warehouse:
 when it opens the new allocation window, after we set up a bin location we can actually see how the "F2 Booking" button appears. and when we click it the process is now being completed
Now after pressing this button the process ends successfully