APS List: Resource filter not working

Beas News > Ticket Number: 9557 · Status: done
Available in beas 9.2 Patch 02 (9.2-002-000-000) and beas 9.2 Patch 01 (9.2-001-011-002). See beas news

APS List: The Filter is not working. beas dispayed always all work orders.


Now the APS filter is working correct:

beas display all work order position, in which the resource is used
Rule: beas don't check only the work order position or work order position structure.
It check always the complete work order. More informations about this rule see documentation

If you mark all resources or no resource, beas don't check the resources.

In Windowevent setresourcefilter you can change the rule

Window: APS Standard fert_aps_browse.psr

windowevent setresourcefilter
// value -> the new sql statement
// e_resourcefilter -> all choosed resources, example 'A001','A002'
end event


Display only work order positions, in which the current choosed resources are used - check only first level and only this work order position

windowevent setresourcefilter
#define value
(SELECT count(*) 
and isnull(a."ABGKZ",'N')<>'J' and isnull(a."AKTIV",'J')='J' and a."APLATZ_ID" in (<e_resourcefilter>)) >0
end event