Templates in MRP, filter per template

Beas News > Ticket Number: 9278 · Status: done
Available in beas 9.2 Patch 01 (9.2-001-005-000)

MRP view

Past: three tabs: All/Purchase/Production
Now: delete all tabs. Now you can work with templates. Attention! Templates are window related, not per mrp scenario

Past: You can define one filter per Scenario
Now: You can do the same. But if you work with template, you define a separat filter for each template.

template: default/no: Filter is defined per Scenario
Template 1: You can define a Filter special for this template

So every purchase employee can define his own settings (window settings and filter)

Youtube: work with templates

Youtube: define filter for purchase and production items

Window: Order Recommendation (1) full mrp mrp_view_masterrahmen.psr