FDC - Personell and Lists - new functions, new views

Beas News > Ticket Number: 9258 · Status: done
Available in beas 9.2 Patch 01 (9.2-001-011-003)


beas will fill a new table "BEAS_PERS_TIMES". In this table you can see all time values about one person per day.
With FDC / Master Data /  Recalculation you can create this table.

If you change Shift or Calendar, you must recalculate the table.

Window: Recalculation bde_personal_anwzeit_reparatur.psr

The Personal Window works with this new functionality

Changed tile:
Old: Standard work hours.
New: Shift Model

In this tab we inserted a calendar with absence type or the calculated shift for this date
If you change anything, beas calculate the Dayly table automatically.

Window: Personnel administration 1 Franz Zimmermann bde_personal_rglarbzeiten.psr

In past the "Standard Work Hours" - Window (now Shift model window) as very complex
New: Now you can see only this fields, which you can use for the current choosed shift model

Window: Shift model for Pers. no. 1 bde_personal_rglarbzeitendetail.psr

Tab Special shift is redesigned too

Window: Personnel administration 1 Franz Zimmermann bde_personal_schichtp_browse.psr

The Attendance tab have follow function in the calendar view:

green: attendance time is bigger as the plan time for this user and day
red: his available was not enough
blue: the user was absence
ToolTip: display from - to time, plan time and difference to this

Window: Personnel administration 1 Franz Zimmermann bde_personal_anwesenheit.psr

In the Absence Tab you can see the absence (from this tab or from Shift model) and the calculated shift

Window: Personnel administration 1 Franz Zimmermann bde_personal_abwzeit_browse.psr

In Attendance - Reports you have a new standard report "Reports per Day"
This is a sum of reports (Own Reports). Additional you have the new tab "Own Reports" in which you can define this type of reports

Window: Reports report_makro_start.psr

You can create a attendance, Vacation, Shift and Schedlung report

Window: Reports fert_report_parameter.psr

In this reports you see the choosed dayly data per name and date

Window: shift bde_pers_monthreport.psr