FDC: More speed in calculatino

Beas News > Ticket Number: 9205 · Status: done
Available in beas 9.2 Patch 01 (9.2-001-004-000)

The FDC calculation (check holiday, shift, current attendance and so on) is now faster

In big calculation more then 90%

beas use for this different technologies:

In Memory Cache,
Stream Cache (load every data only one time)
Optimaced calculation
Cube table (result available before you needed)
Intelligent trigger
Setup Cache
Optimations in the calculation procedure self

Which program parts are faster:

- Attendance personal time report (> 80%)

- Attendance Status (> 80%)

- Calcuate work order time (> 20%)

- WEB APP - Attendance Status (> 80%)

- Current Present

Other area

- Work order backflush, Work order structure view, Time receipts an so on (only some milliseconds, reduced SQL Statemtens > 50%)