Integration Hub: RequestId, new coumns, filter and sort

Beas News > Ticket Number: 8472 · Status: done
Available in beas 9.2 Patch 01 (9.2-001-001-000)

Integration hub

Definition - Extented

New field "Request Attribute". Here you can define the column, in which the other soluition inserted the RequestId

After Import you can send back the RequestId in an answer file.

A PDM solution send a new item to beas and is waiting for the result, if the import was running correct.
The PDM create a file with a request id (in this case: 100511) and is waiting for a result file with same request id

Example XML


Now you can define the request attribut request#requestid

Window: Data Integration Hub: definition importkopf_edit.psr

In the server task self you can generate a result xml file with this information
In this example in the folder c:\import\requestfles
filename self is the request id

Source Target Link

In Source Target Link you have a new column: Column Name
Here you can see the Name of the table column.

With right Mouse Click on the title you can define a filter or can change the sort. In this way you can find the needed fields faster.
If you click on "Update", beas set the correct filter/sorting.

Window: Source - Target - Link import_fields_browse.psr

Server Administration - Tasks - Import

If you choose an import definition:
Past: you can see only the key
Now: you can see the key and the description

Window: Manage Server system_server_edit.psr