Attendance: Allocate shift (fix shift) was filled

Beas News > Ticket Number: 7961 · Status: done
Available in beas 9.2 Patch 02 (9.2-002-011-000) and beas 9.2 Patch 01 (9.2-001-011-010). See beas news


previous error, you cant login to the terminal

now error fixed, it is possible to login the terminal

error related to bad query setup


previous status: error when clicking on "Arriving" on Terminal

current status: SQL Query error fixed


past: if you working with arriving / leaving, beas insert allways "allocated shift"
But this is wrong


Only if you work with the shift rule "manually" beas will fill this field

Window: Attendance 3 bde_personal_anwesenheitdetail.psr

Window: (1) Jesús  Medina Logon/Logoff terminal_attendance.psr

Window: (1) Jesús  Medina Shift Selection bde_shiftchoose.psr